About Us

While seeking to maintain a balance between work, family and hobbies, I set out to look for better ways of getting and staying fit. First, I turned to the internet for help, and some of my Google queries included things like: lose weight without diet modification, lose weight at home, online personal trainers, workout apps, etc. I found a few helpful resources, but needless to mention how they did, that’s why we are here today. None of these resources provided up to 10% the fitness solutions or goals I was looking for. 

I decided to man up and go "trainer hunting". My first trainer didn’t to know what he was doing, so I let him within a week. I found this amazing trainer, with whom I saw results faster than I expected, but the problem was the drive to him and the conflicting schedules. 

Now, I am left with the only option of coming back online and relying on different resources (apps, nutrition boards, fitness forums, and trainers live sessions)for the help I needed. That is when I thought to myself, there are millions of people out here looking for fitness solutions, why not coin all of these problems into one solution and put it out there for everyone to benefit from.

I quickly reached out to my previous trainers, Instagram Fitness coaches, reputable/renounced trainers and nutritionists with the idea, and everyone embraced the idea and was in just by listening to me for the first 2 minutes. That is how 30/30 Fit Avenue was borne.

30/30 Fit Avenue is a community for all, by all. We are people who genuinely care about a healthy lifestyle, and are ready to lend out a helping hand to those looking for help. We are accepting help too, because we are not perfect.

Here, you can chat with other community members just about everything, post fitness questions and get answers from experts and the community within seconds, book online personal trainers who will evaluate your needs and offer tailored one on one training programs with you (just like a physical trainer, unless you guys will be meeting on Live video, services provided by 30/30 Fit Avenue), subscribe to and train with pre-recorded, result driven/proven workout plans, and much more. 

In order to give our users the best of what they’re looking for, we follow strict guidelines on the selection of team members. Anyone can apply to become a trainer, but our approval process takes into consideration several factors. Sign up today as a trainer and a team member will follow up with you within a few minutes.

We equally have industry standard solutions for our trainers. While enjoying the benefits any other user enjoys, trainers can accept bookings for personal training(s) from our users, train clients that are remotely located (live secured/encrypted/HIPAA approved video streaming services provided), manage your clients (both those that use 30/30 Fit Avenue and those offline), submit workout plans and challenges, submit recipes and meal plans, and best of all: Schedule LIVE STREAMING VIDEO TRAINING SESSIONS, amongst many other great features. 

Ask us about our wonderful trainer compensation.

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