We are not a gym, but we have workout plans that cover all aspects of your daily life.

Whether you are walking in the park, at the gym, cleaning in the kitchen, or squeezing stress balls at your desk at work, we have workout plans to cover all these locations. Please browse through our Workout Plans and subscribe to ones that match your needs. Note you can subscribe and unsubscribe to many plans.
At 3030 Fit Avenue, we make sure you get the best of your time, that's why we have put together great content for both free users and paid users.

By signing up, you have access to a wide variety of healthy fitness recipes both vegetarian and non-vegeterian, and are also join a community of enthusiasts with variety of questions, some already answered by our experts. Furthermore, you can view pre-recorded freestyle video trainings.

You can decide to upgrade you plan to enjoy more features like viewing live virtual video training sessions that run all day round, you can also book personal trainers, and subscribe to workout plans that target specific results. Please take a look at the plans page to see details about each package. 
We have about five in-house trainers, and many subscribed trainers that submit content. Our in-house trainers are mostly concerned with reviewing content from external trainers to make sure they meet guidelines and deliver goals.
Yes you can book a virtual/local personal from the verified list of trainers on our site. Please read their reviews and star ratings to pick the best.

After booking them and getting confirmation from them, you can either decide to use our high quality encryted live streaming video service or other service. All transactions are processed on our website, and we make sure you get the best of your money before we release payments to trainers. Contact us if any discrepancies.
The benefits are "countless." By becoming a trainer, you can:
  • Submit content (workout plans, recipes, live sessions), and get paid a competitive price.
  • Receive bookings from users looking for a virtual personal trainer
  • Provide you clients with personal training sessions over a trusted platform with AES-256 Bit Encrypted video sessions, all HIPAA compliant.
  • Manage your both your current clients and future clients: scheduling them, sending them notifications, charging them, etc.
  • And much more, we just cn't list all. Ask us
The Platinum Package is reserved for trainers and users that want to enjoy the best of every feature we have to offer. By selecting the Platinum Package during signup or upgrading to this package, you are automatically submitting and application to becoming a tariner. We will review your application, and your application may be approved, declined or we may request additional information. This process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to ten business days.
Please use the Contact page to contact us, and we will reply in a timely manner (usually within 30 minutes). Please make sure to fill out this form accurately so that we can better help you.
We accept all major US credit cards, plus In-App purchases. We use end to end security to make sure that every information you enter is secured and transmitted in a trusted manner. Please see our terms and conditions page for more.